Be it a beach or a spa or maybe even one’s own home, spotting a Turkish towel ain’t difficult. 

Ever wondered why they are so much in demand?

Let’s uncover all the questions today. 

Turkish Towels are flat woven, large towels that were used in Turkish baths. They are known for quick absorption and drying. 

Some other names by which they are referred are – Peshtemal towels in Turkey

-Fouta towels in North Africa


The name itself indicates the history. 

They were traditionally used in Turkish hammams ( traditional Turkish baths ). 

Today, they are still used in bathing and scrubbing rituals, and their dimensions are 90*110 cm. 

It is a part of Turkish social rituals as it is brought into use at weddings and other occasions. The bride is made to use this in the ceremonial bath. 

Some major centres of production in Turkey are Bursa, Denizli, Gaziantep and Kayseri. 

They are quite popular on beaches or sailboats as they are space-friendly and dry easily. 

But why are they so special? 

They are popularly used as towels. People on beaches use them to dry their bodies due to their water absorption abilities. 

Their application is extended to shawls, scarves, yoga mats, home decor, and blankets. 

They are very soft and smooth because Turkish towels are made of very long fibers and smell fresh every time. 

They smoothen with every wash and get better each time. 

They can be used in multiple ways. 

What are Turkish Towels used for? 

There is a range of functions that they offer. 

  • Turkish Bath towels 

  • Turkish Beach towel 

  • Turkish Scarf

  • Turkish Travel towel

  • Traditional Turkish bathing 

  • Turkish cotton Sarong

  • Turkish Hair towel 

  • Turkish Gym or yoga class towel

  • Turkish Picnic blanket 

  • Turkish Hand towel

  • Turkish Wall tapestry

They are quite different from Terry towels as they are quite light in weight compared to terry towels. They are thinner and flat-woven, which makes them dry super fast. 

They are also larger when it comes to size. Due to their flat woven nature, they can be stored easily and take up minimal space. 

Turkey Towels use less material in the production and are more efficient as compared to the Terry towels. 

What is Turkish Towels fabric? 

We have been reading about how good they are! Now, let us see what the Turkish towel fabric is. 

Turkey towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton or linen. It is found exclusively in the Aegean region. 

Turkey, being its origin, is suitable for Turkish towels’ production as Turkey produces high-quality Cotton.  

It is becoming a global cotton powerhouse with a share of about 40% of the world’s organic cotton production. 

Turkish Cotton is known for its thickness and quality. It is also known for its strength. 

They are identical to Egyptian Cotton, which is considered to be the most favoured type of Cotton throughout the world. 

Both of them are made of smooth cotton threads. 

The real Turkish towels are made in Turkey, but some production units are set up in India and China. 

When we compare Turkish bath towels with Regular towels, Turkish towels stand out. They are cozy, fluffy, and soft as compared to the regular ones.

They are more durable due to the distinctive features of Turkish Cotton. This is why they are considered worth the money. 

They need to be managed properly to retain their uniqueness. Some suggestions are – 

  • Washing the towel will make it softer and more smooth. As it gets soft, it will be more water-absorbent. 
  • It is advisable to dry after washing the Turkish towel. 
  • It is also advised to occasionally add a cup of vinegar to the Turkish towel to keep up the absorption spirit for which it is known.  
  • Do not use fabric softeners. 

To establish authenticity of Turkish towels in the age of machine-led production worldwide. 

How to differentiate a genuine handmade Turkish towel from a cheap machine-made Turkish towel?

  • Material composition speaks a lot about the product. A Turkish towel is made of Turkish Cotton.
  • The weight of the Turkish towel should also be measured as an ounce per square yard. The standard weight of a Turkish towel is 14 oz sq/yd. 
  • Turkish towels also have distinct styles and cuts, which also determine their authenticity. 

Turkish Vs Egyptian towels 

Egyptian cotton towels are made from long threads which facilitate water absorption. They are good at holding moisture and can dry easily. 

Turkish towels are also strong and can dry quickly due to the long threads used in their production. 

While both of them are good at absorbing, Egyptian cotton towels are slow in the drying process. 

Different types of Turkish peshtemals are – 

1. Flat peshtemal towels:

They are light in weight, compact, and absorbent. It is considered to be the most popular quality of foutas peshtemal towels. They employ the technique of Hand-knotted fringes and are made of 100% Oeko tex cotton. 

2. Herringbone peshtemal towels:

They are woven in zigzag patterns or diamond style. They also have a textured style and are thick. They use hand-knotted fringes and are made of 100% Oeko tex cotton. 

3. Terry peshtemal towels:

They have a flat front and terry back. They are quite colourful with solid colours and stripes. They are made by hand-knotted fringes technique and 100% Oeko tex cotton. 

4.Honeycomb peshtemal towels:

They were woven Turkish hammam towels and are very soft. 

5. Jacquard Turkish peshtemal towels:

They have single and double-layered thicknesses. 

Analysis of some of the best Turkish towels wholesale  – 

Rangoli Furnishing Pvt Ltd has been a trusted wholesale supplier of high-quality towels since 1993. Our superior quality terry towels have reached across the globe to various suppliers. With certified standards, we believe in making connections. 

  • Coyuchi Turkish towels 

They are made through a sustainable process by Turkish Cotton. They are extremely soft but are an expensive investment. 

  • Bersuse Designer Collection Turkish Towels

They are quite oversized ( 37-70 inches ) and can be used as a body towel. 

  • Kassatex Hammam Turkish Towel

They are well known for their natural absorption and drying ability. 

  • Nature Is Gift Turkish Towel.

They come with a lot of variety. With over 40 colours and a size of 39*71 inches, they have striped patterns. They are also light in weight. 

There are a lot of platforms to buy authentic Turkish towels from, such as – 

  1. Rangoli Furnishings (
  2. Amazon 
  3. Brooklinen
  4. Etsy 

Why is Turkey a leading producer of Turkish Towels? 

Turkey is one of the most important producers of textiles and attire. 

In 2003 the Turkish garment industry was the fifth largest provider within the world market and the second largest within the European market. 

Turkey is one of the world’s leading towel producers by volume and by price. Turkey has domestic supplies of raw cotton, cotton yarns, and materials. 

It holds four-dimensional of the world’s cotton production and is stratified seventh among the most important cotton producers in 2004- 2005.

Are they eco-friendly? Are they really worth the money? 

They are known for their premier quality and softness. All of them are eco-friendly as they are made out of 100% cotton. 

All the towels are handmade by local artisans from small Turkish traditional families. 

Material choice is made based on usage. 

Although they are considered to be overpriced, it all depends on the quality and company. 

However, Turkish towels are quite known for their water absorption, softness, and other features like durability and versatility. 

Therefore, Turkish towels are preferred worldwide for the various benefits that we talked about. 

After knowing all of it, would it be difficult to choose them? 

I guess not. So, let us shop for Turkish Towels today and colour our wardrobe with these comfortable towels.