In the era of choosing sustainable options for daily use products, we all prefer natural products.
Don’t we? 

Can towels be organic too? 

Well, of course, yes !! 

Organic lifestyle is gaining momentum today at a very high pace. 

Small steps can lead to the betterment of the environment. A small step in the direction can be choosing Organic Towels. 

Going green ain’t that easy !! 

Organic towels are made from natural products through a sustainable and eco-friendly process. 

They last long and are soft too.

What are Organic Towels made of? 

Organic towels are made from organic materials grown free of pesticides. 

Organic cotton towels are made of cotton grown without any harmful chemicals. 

It is produced according to the established organic agricultural standards. 

It is a combination of tradition, innovation, and science to profit the shared surroundings and promote an honest quality of life for all concerned in society. 

As compared to the normal standard cotton, which is grown with the least minimum of 25% pesticides, organic cotton is grown naturally. 

It also promotes an eco-friendly farming process free of fertilizers and toxins. It also helps in keeping up the health of individuals. 

What is the best material for organic towels? 

It’s cotton !! 

Global organic cotton production is less than one percent of worldwide cotton production, which stands at about 117,000 metric tons according to the estimate done by the 2018 Textile Exchange Organic Cotton Farm & Fiber Report. 

India is the largest producer of organic cotton. Grown in about eight states, but it is dominated in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Orissa. 

Types of Organic Towels 

Organic Towels can be divided into several categories depending on the benefits they confer – 

          1. Hand Woven Organic Towels 

These organic towels depend upon natural vegetable dyes for the manufacturing process. They are produced by old and conventional Jacquard looms. 

Due to this, these towels are not only organic but also soft and water absorbing. The cherry on the cake is the diversity of colours and designs available in their range. 

         2. Waffled Organic Towels 

They are specifically preferred for fast water absorption because they facilitate the evaporation process. 

These towels are very light in weight as they are manufactured naturally with pure organic cotton yarns. 

        3. Twilled Organic Towels 

These towels are known for their different stark colours. They offer a wide range of colours. 

As their name suggests, these organic towels are produced without harmful chemicals by spinning along with diagonally twilled cloth. 

         4. Terry Organic Towels 

They are a form that falls under the category of organic towels for wholesale with a very elite outlook. They are manufactured with very long-lasting fibers and with natural agents. 

        5. Cotton Bamboo Fusion 

These towels are a blender version formed of organic towels and bamboo towels. They are very economical and also quite light in weight. 

They are also in demand because of their compactness as they take up less space and can be carried off easily. 

These are a go-to for people who are very conscious about their skin as they are famous for giving a very natural feel to the skin. 

They are used for a variety of things and also provide choice in a lot of colours. This makes them the preferred type on beaches, picnics, and pools.

If we compare different types of towels, which one is better? 

Why are organic towels better than other options?

Let’s answer this question.

Organic towels have a lot of benefits to offer. They are preferred for babies and people with sensitive skin. 


Why are they a better alternative? Are organic towels really good? 


  • Due to the emphasis on ‘natural’ ( natural fiber, natural method ), they are very skin-friendly. Organic Towels can be used on sensitive skin types and even on the body’s face and sensitive areas. 
  • They provide warmth to the body when used. 
  • They are eligible to be used as bathroom interiors due to their aesthetic outlook. 
  • Dermatologists often prescribe them due to their good effects on the skin. They do not cause any allergies as they are completely free of bleaches and chemicals. 
  • They are also termed as safe and suggested for people who have undergone surgeries. 
  • They are very famous for being environmentally friendly. 
  • They are beautiful and are present in various rainbow colours. 


Organic Towels are used for several things – 


  • Organic Hand towels 

They are used for drying off wet hands and are water-absorbing and soft on the skin. 

  • Organic Bath towels 

They are used right after a bath for drying the wet skin and are quite warm after a cold shower !! 

  • Organic Home decor 

Organic towels are made of aesthetic colours and designs, making them viable even to be used as home decor. 

  • Organic Bedding 

Organic bedding is very eco-friendly and soft and can be used as bedding as it is delicate and not prone to any skin problems. 

  • Organic Clothing

Clothing made from natural products helps the environment and looks stylish, and is comfortable to be carried anywhere. 


Organic Cotton Towels 

They are thick, dense, and highly water absorbing. Organic cotton towels are better in absorption than Egyptian cotton Towels, Turkish towels, and Bamboo towels. 

Organic bath towels are super soft as they do not contain any harmful dyes or pesticides. 

Organic towels are durable and better than Cotton towels, too, as they do not get thin after each wash, in contrast to the cotton towels that get thin with each wash. 

Organic Baby Towels 

Organic towels keep babies comfortable as they provide warmth and are soft and able to soak water easily. They also keep babies healthier. 

They are a better choice for health as babies are highly prone to infections and diseases. 


Organic Towels India 

We often are faced with this question !! 

What are the best quality towels you can buy ?? 

Rangoli Furnishing Pvt Ltd has been a trusted wholesale supplier of high-quality organic towels since 1993. Rangoli provides quality organic towels that suppliers across the world have used. 


Different organic cotton towels are available online, which are quite famous. Some of them are – 


         1. Amouve Organic Towel

They are known for their plush and soft nature. They flaunt durability and a high GSM ( weight – grams per square metre ) count. They are priced at about ₹1600-1700 in India. 

         2. Heelium Bamboo Towel 

They present us with antibacterial properties and effective absorption. They are famous for their claim of three times more moisture absorption. 

They are pretty soft and considered better than organic cotton towels. They are priced at around ₹1200-1300 in India. 

         3. Towels Beyond Luxury

They offer a luxurious design and are quite expensive. They boast about their quirky design provided by no one else. 

They also eco-friendly and help in reducing the carbon footprint. These highly absorbing towels are priced at around ₹7000-8000 in India. 

         4. Linen club Luxury Towels 

They are considered to be softer and more durable than Turkish cotton towels. They are very vibrant, beautiful and are used in beaches and picnics mainly. 

They are priced at about ₹7000-8000 in India. 

          5. Mush 450 GSM Bamboo Towel

They are made completely of bamboo terry, and the fabric used is fade and stain-resistant. It also claims to be odour resistant and anti-microbial and is priced at about ₹1000-2000 in India. 

How to Take Care Of Your Organic Towels?

Organic towels take care of the environment, and we must take care of them in return. 

They are different from ordinary cotton or any other towels, so they need some care. 

Here are a few suggestions to keep them maintained. 


Organic Towels should be washed before use and have different washing instructions as they are free of any harmful chemicals


  • Use vinegar once a month to keep up their properties of absorption and tints. 


  • They must be washed without the use of bleaches with lukewarm water. 


  • Don’t let them dry off on hooks. Hooks might damage the fabric, and also it takes a while longer to dry them off when on hooks. 


  • It is preferable to wash them using hands and not in a washing machine for longer shelf life.


Why is it so overpriced? 

Organic cotton can also be quite economical. They are not always priced high. It is sustainable and can help us make a difference. 

It is slightly expensive as non- GMO seeds produce it to keep it environmentally friendly. 

Also, as organic cotton plants have less yield than conventional cotton, there is less supply. 

Anything that has less supply than its demand has a high price tag attached to it. 


Are organic towels better? 

They help us reduce our carbon footprint as their production process does not employ harmful chemicals or toxins. 

They do not affect soil fertility and have less effect on other environmental resources. 

Organic towels provide a very clean and safe livelihood option for the farmers and all others involved in the manufacturing process. 

In the entire process, no one is exposed to any harmful chemicals. 

Organic towels are made of organic cotton that uses only 80% of rainwater of what is used by normal cotton. 

This also makes it better as it will be viable in saving water in the face of water shortage in the future.


Organic towels are made from eco-friendly products and processes that are suitable for the environment. They help us treat our skin along with lending our hand in protecting the environment. 

Organic towels are not only important for environmentally-conscious people but for everyone, given their wide applicability and benefits.