Why are cotton towels preferred so much? 

What makes them so special? 

The name itself has the secret …. 

Cotton !! 

The material used has its essence.

Let’s see why and how cotton towels are so much in demand worldwide. 

Now, let’s discuss why cotton? 

Cotton, as compared to any other material, is preferred for everything. Be it a towel or apparel. 

Are cotton towels good? Yes, there are many reasons to support the answer to this question

  • It is natural 
  • It is more absorbing 
  • It is breathable 
  • It is skin-friendly 
  • It is versatile 
  • It is an economical material 

When something is so much in demand, it is going to have a lot of competition too. 

Why are pure cotton towels preferred? 

1. Economical

Can every citizen buy cotton towels? A product is considered reasonable when each and every citizen of a country can buy one without a hole in the pocket. 

Cotton towels are considered to be economical, but it nowhere means that their quality is ever compromised. 

Cotton towels have become the most sought-after towels worldwide. 

2. Pretty dye-able 

What is a piece of fabric if it has no colours? Everyone has different choices when it comes to colours. 

Cotton towels are one such thing that can cater to everyone’s choice of colours. The hues of the cotton towels can be changed without changing the chemical composition. 

3.Easy to maintain

We all look for things that demand less maintenance. Cotton towels are one such item. 

They are quite easy to maintain as they do not demand any special care. 

A simple wash is also good-to-go. 

4.Less time to dry 

A towel should have the ability to dry off easily. Cotton towels take only a few minutes to dry. The textures of cotton towels permit air to pass through easily. 


We all have different types of skins that have their specific needs. 

Cotton towels are very comfortable and go easy on the skin. It does not cause skin irritation as it is soft on the skin. 

Different uses of cotton towels are as follows – 

  • Cotton Face towels

Cotton face towels are soft enough to be used as wipes for the face without fearing the skin reactions. They are applicable for sensitive skin types too. 

  • Cotton Hair towels 

Cotton hair towels are used for drying off hair in any season without worrying about the dryness and roughness problems to which hair is vulnerable. 

  • Cotton Bath towels

Cotton bath towels are used for drying off the entire skin after a bath. They provide warmth to the body, and cotton makes absorption faster. 

  • Cotton Hand towels

Cotton hand towels are used in households and commercially too to wipe hands. Cotton as a natural material makes it viable for the absorption process. 

  • Cotton Beach towel

Cotton beach towels are used to dry off the water on a beach and can be used for decorative or clothing purposes. 

  • Cotton Cleaning cloth

Cotton cleaning cloth can be used for cleaning purposes as it has antibacterial properties and is natural. 

  • Cotton Bathrobes

Cotton Bathrobes can be used straight after a bath or even for casual clothing in the mornings or nights. Or even on a walk nearby !! 

There are different types of cotton. 

Now, which cotton is the best for towels? Why is that so? What are the best quality towels? 

Let’s answer that. 

1. Pima cotton 

It is grown in parts of Australia and Peru but originated in Australia. It is also called Extra Long Staple Cotton. It is the most common type of cotton preferred in the United States. The towels made of Pima Cotton are labelled as Supima towels 

2.Turkish cotton

This cotton is very soft, water-absorbing, with very long fibers that make it a high-demand product. It is grown in Turkey, mainly in the Aegean region. It is much demand for bath towels worldwide due to them being made of 100% cotton. 

Turkish cotton towels 

Turkish cotton towels are made of Turkish cotton and flaunt water absorption and soft qualities. They Are preferred for their natural touch to the skin and can be used for various applications.

3. Egyptian cotton

This is grown in Egypt and is mainly preferred in humid areas as this type of cotton is highly absorbing. 

4. Bamboo cotton

These kinds of towels are known for their delicateness, colorfastness, and super sponginess. Bamboos are antibacterial, and this is why the bamboo textures additionally acquire similar properties. 

Since bamboos are eco-accommodating, a bamboo towel may set you back somewhat more than different towels. But, it is worth an investment.

So, if we consider cotton for towels, then…

Pima cotton and Turkish cotton is the better option for material to be used in towels. They are absorbing and also soft, which makes them the perfect choice. 

Pure cotton towels are the best towels which are made up of 100% cotton. 

Difference between Cotton and Egyptian cotton towels 

Simple cotton towels are very different from Egyptian cotton towels. 

Cotton towels might include other materials, too, along with cotton, making it doubtful whether they are made of 100% cotton. 

Egyptian cotton towels are made of high-quality 100% Egyptian cotton. They are preferred for high-quality water absorption abilities. 

How to care for cotton towels? 

Just as how we need to be taken care of, our towels also do. To maintain the quality of high-quality cotton towels, they need to be handled with some care.

To keep it afresh and anew, here are a few steps to keep them always ready. 

  • Wash before every use to keep the colours and its structure intact.
  • Add one cup of vinegar sometimes to keep up the ability of absorption of cotton towels. 
  • Fluffing cotton towels before use is important to maintain the texture of towels 
  • Cotton towels are meant to remain bleach-free, so we must keep them away from fabric softeners and bleaches instead of altering their color and structure. 
  • We must keep them away from extreme heat temperatures as it can make them brittle, and they would no longer be soft.

Cotton Bath Towels 

Cotton bath towels are very soft and good to use because of their ability to absorb and dry easily. They are usually woven with a loop and do not cause any skin irritation as the material used is 100% natural cotton. 

Cotton hand towels are also a good option because of their ability to soak well. 

Micro cotton towels

Micro cotton is the trademarked name of a cotton variety. This cotton is woven into very long loops. Because of the long loops, these towels have a high absorbency rate and have a royal outlook. 

Microfiber cotton towels are very voluminous and absorb well. They can absorb 300% more than a standard cotton towel. 

As a surprise, they are lighter than Egyptian cotton towels. 

They are also considered to be snag resistant. 

Microfiber vs cotton bath towels 

Cotton towels are thicker, plusher, and splendidly fragile; nonetheless, they do set aside more effort to dry this way. Cotton towels end up being a lot gentler in the wake of washing. Cotton is both sturdy and spongy.


Microfiber towels are made of polymer strands. This leads them to an extraordinary capacity to hold and hold water, soil, grime, etc. 

When diverged from a strand of cotton, microfibers are inconceivably fine. Most microfiber towels are made up of polyester or nylon. 

Microfibre towels are generally slenderer than cotton, yet they sprinkle up a great proportion of liquid due to their finely woven development. 

They, in like manner, dry quickly and are less disposed to form and mold development. As they are made of materials like cellulose or wood crush, they will, by and large, be particularly strong.

Cotton Terry towels 

Terry fabric is a sort of delicate cotton that accompanies weaving in circling designs. Terry material can likewise highlight a polyester mix, not just cotton. 

Terry material circles are woven on a loom, which makes the texture delicate and extravagant. The lengths of the circles decide how much dampness the wraparound will assimilate.

They are thick, soft, ideal for spas and hotels, and also highly absorbing in nature. 

Disposable cotton towels 

Today, in the 21st Century, each and every one of us is concerned about sustainability. 

All of us want to use something natural and non-harmful to the environment. 

Something that is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable 

Disposable cotton towels are made of 100% natural and biodegradable material. 

Disposable towels are very cost-effective and are less prone to spreading any contamination. 

They are majorly used in salons and massage parlours. 

Cotton towels online 

Cotton towels are easily available online today on almost every platform. 

Rangoli (rfpl), Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa offer a good range of cotton towels online. 

But, while buying cotton towels, one must keep the following things in mind- 

Best cotton towels are the ones that have answers to all the below-mentioned apprehensions !! 

1.One must focus on fiber content. 

We might be lured by the popularity of Egyptian cotton towels and Turkish cotton towels, but pure cotton towels are the best. 

Pure cotton towels are the ones that are made of 100% cotton. 

2.Always look at the production highlights.

There are different ways by which cotton towels are made. The following techniques make high-quality cotton towels – 

  • Combed cotton: this type of cotton is brushed to do away with the short fibers. It makes the material softer and a lot sturdier.
  • Ring-spun cotton: in this technique, long and short fibers are tightly twisted, which leads to the creation of the towel loops, which are highly robust and swish. 
  • Twist: in this, an outline of what quantity the loop’s yarn is, is twisted. A high twist is sturdier; however, an occasional (or zero) twist will increase expansion to form the towel plusher and make it a lot more absorbent.
  • Hydrocotton, Microcotton, Aerocotton, etc.: these techniques assist in increasing softness and permeability.

So, while choosing a cotton towel, we must be sure of the production method. 

1. Make sure of the weight. 

A towel is often measured in grams per square meter. GSM of 500-700 range is considered as the ideal weight of a cotton towel. 

Below this is generally a lightweight one. 

2. Choose according to use. 

One must be sure of the usage of the cotton towel before buying one. Different uses of a towel demand different properties of weight, size, and colour. 

Cotton towels Wholesale 

Cotton towels can be bought for wholesale purposes from many tenders online or offline. Buying towels wholesale is cost beneficial and offers a wide design and colour benefits. 

Cotton towels are pure and of high quality. They are natural as made of 100% cotton. The wide application that they offer has made them so popular worldwide. 

They are a must to have in one’s wardrobe for the seamless benefits it offers. 

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